Introducing the Yippee Yaroo

Introducing the Yippee Yaroo

1 June 2022 Latest News 0

It’s a story about The Yippee Yaroo. He resides up high in The Bóinne Brú. He is what you might call an intriguing fellow. He is hairy and orange, and pink, blue and yellow!

Join Yippee and Eva, the Fae, in The Eternal Forest and find out how to dance away bad moods, be in the moment and trust in Mother Nature. And, remember, whenever you’re feeling sad or blue, all you have to do is… The Yippee Yaroo!

“The Yippee Yaroo & The Barefoot Dance” is the latest children’s book by Author Helen McSharry and Illustrator Joanne Agnew Ryan.

Available June 11th 2022.




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