Welcome to the world of the Yippee Yaroo!

This is a story about The Yippee Yaroo. He resides up high in The Bóinne Brú. He is what you might call an intriguing fellow. He is hairy and orange, and pink, blue and yellow!

Join Yippee and Eva, the Fae, in The Eternal Forest and find out how to dance away bad moods, be in the moment and trust in Mother Nature. And, remember, whenever you’re feeling sad or blue, all you have to do is…


Front Cover and Dance

You can buy The Yippee Yaroo & The Barefoot Dance online today!

Listen to the Yippee Yaroo dance here!!

Click below to hear the Yipee Yaroo’s Barefoot Dance including the magical 528Hz tone and Ahmn Drum!

Ahm Drum

Latest News

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Culture Night 2022

We are delighted to announce that The Yippee Yaroo will be part of culture night 2022! Details below: Venue: Strokestown Library, Co. Roscommon Date: Fri 23rd September Time: 5pm

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1 August 2022 0

Cruinniu na Nog Launch

The Yippee Yaroo & The Barefoot Dance was officially launched in Roscommon library on the 11th June. Thank you all for attending a marvellous, fun day!  

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28 July 2022 0
Front Cover and Dance

The Yippee Yaroo Launch

We’re launching The Yippee Yaroo & The Barefoot Dance at the following time and location. Please join us!: Venue: Roscommon Library Date: 11th June 2022 Time: 14:15pm

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7 June 2022 0

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